Sunday, June 19, 2011

Coming Back To Making Passive Income Writing Online

Hello Everyone, guess what I am coming back to Making Passive Income Writing Online!! It has been awhile since I've been on here. It's almost been a year!! There were so many reasons like school, work, and the stresses of trying to make passive income online. I will say it is a tough job and it takes dedication and I felt I had to get away from it all and just come up with new ideas and time to relieve some stress. I am proud to say that I am still making money with Google Adsense, Hubpages(they have a new ad program), and Amazon. I have made around $400 dollars combined from all the affiliate programs since August 2010 report which is awesome.

I have been doing a lot of researching and gaining knowledge from the online businesses and how to bring in money. The ways I've come up with are still the same but are more in depth. If you want to make money writing articles online, then you need to keep researching and coming up with new ideas because the internet is always changing. You have to keep up with what is in and keep bringing in new ideas as you write. I am trying to tackle green living, health and medicine articles to bring in more money. The reason why is because of its future revenue from it and it is something people will always search for. Topics that are temporary like music, sports, and money are is too in depth and they are topics that are always changing so staying away from these topics are best at hand. I have written a few topics writing about money but it took a lot of research and trying to figure out which keywords to use.

Hubpages unleashed their own ad program called "Hubpages Ad Program" and I am glad I am part of it. I am now making money from the program and finding new ways to get more earnings. I have also signed up for a new website called Wizzley.  I like Wizzley's layout of their website and how you can arrange your article to make the most out of the affiliate programs.

I have accomplished a lot since 2010.. Since then I have received two checks from Google Adsense and numerous checks from Amazon. My Hubpages traffic has grown and receive views daily. Here's a breakdown of what I have accomplished.

Google Adsense: Around $300 in earnings
Amazon: Around $100 in earnings
Hubpages: 104 Hubs, 54,000 views, 2,000 views per month

That is a great accomplishment but I want to do more. A lot more. So I have some goals coming ahead and goals on more money to make. Stay tuned for more news!! If you want to know more about me and my hubs, check me out on Hubpages under liljen23!! By the way, I am still at The Best Passive Income

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Earnings Report

Hello everyone another month again of earning updates. Last month was great for me and I am glad I achieved most of goals for the month of August. I made 26 hubs through Hubpages, increased my traffic to Amazon which converted to sales, increased my backlinks, made more friends, reached 10,000 views with Hubpages, and used the IM Automator a few times. So in all I followed through with all of my goals and it feels so good to know I reached my goals for last month. I also bought 5 websites last month as well, which is good for me so I know I focus more on building a good passive income. I can focus more on SEO and backlinking and start to bring in some good money. My primary website is still in the same topic but it is called the best passive income and I think it will be a good long term success for me. Well let's get to some numbers about last month. Here's a breakdown of last month's income:

I made $42.50 with Google Adsense
Increase of $31.05 from July

I made $42.45 from Amazon
Increase of $39.12 from July

This was an awesome month to date with Adsense and Amazon because my hubs took the cake and made money with both programs. I had a few refunds with Amazon, but that is okay but I am glad to have received some sales at all. I guess all that research came through after all. Last month, I started to do some research and find out which keywords pay off the best and it worked. I still don't have the backlinking packed down yet but I guess the search engines helped me out this month. I hope it works well with my new websites. I didn't make payout with Adsense but I know I will this month and I will get ready for my payment with Amazon in October which I know will be worth waiting for. I hope since there is a month left with Amazon before payout that I can make at least $100 or $200 more. I am an affiliate with Clickbank as well and even though I had my first sale with Clickbank, that fell through within a few days and there was a refund. It's ok because I know those kinds of things happen when it comes to affiliate marketing. You are going to have refunds every once in a while and make sales unexpectedly, lol.. I guess this is just something I have to get use to. Well that is all for now, look out for the update of my passive income goals for September.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Websites, New Beginnings

Hello Everyone, if you have been following I brought up the opportunity to make a few websites this month and guess what I finally purchased 5 websites. Hooray for me, not!! I thought it was going to be a little bit easy for me and found out that it is not. I chose Hostgator as my hosting company and Godaddy to purchase my domain names. I chose to name my primary website The Best Passive Income. I installed Wordpress on it and boy is it hard with the widgets, posts, and just adding anything to it is hard for me. I know I will have to get use it and it is good to have my own website and that way I can build it and add whatever I want to it and hopefully make more money.. I will stay post here occasionally on updates from my progress at Hubpages, affiliate programs, and my websites. That way I will keep everyone posted with my progress. I would say something about the other websites but they are on hold right now until I can get the my primary website up and running. I hope everything turns out well.. Thank you and if anyone wants to leave tips on Wordpress, I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Journey So Far To Make Passive Income

Hello everyone, I wanted to share my thoughts on my journey to make passive income and explain what I need to do to achieve it. Since April, I have been writing on Hubpages and I have made 85 hubs so far. Most of them are hubs about making money online and some are on various topics. I have crossed the 10,000 view mark and that was accomplished a few days ago of which I am proud of. I am glad that I am still after just only making cents and a few dollars here and there, that I am still continuing on my journey to make passive income. Most people would have just probably quit a long time ago, but I am glad I am still trying to prove that it is possible and achievable as long as you are determined and to stay consistent. I have also learned to make passive income, you have to have multiple ways to achieve this because banking on one program will only bring you a small amount and with multiple ways you can bring in more income. That is why I have made it my duty to try to make money from Amazon, Adsense, TheKeywordAcademy, and Clickbank. These programs are capable of bringing in passive income each month without doing so much work if I stay consistent in making enough content now. That is what passive income is about. It is about making sure you complete your goals to make money in the future. I have made a lot of progress from when I first started and I learned to take my time instead of rushing content to the web, because I want to be able to submit good content and to make money from it in the future. So far I have made earnings from Amazon, Clickbank, and Adsense. Take a look:

$58.81 So Far

$57.07 So Far

$41.03 So Far

Keyword Academy:
$0.35 So Far( I need to do better to promote this)

So far this month, I have made $157. 26.. Not bad with me just starting out and all. I know in time it will increase because I will have more knowledge, my own websites, and more content across the web to make more money.. I just have to give it time. I am proud of what I have done and the knowledge I have gained in over the past few weeks. There are some people that I would like to give thanks to and to give them a bit of spotlight.. LOL.. I have learned so much info and tips to give my blog and content more exposure. Here they are:

Michelle from My Passive Income Online Blog
Pat from The Smart Passive Income Blog
Liz from Passive Income Online
Chris from Make Money On the Internet
Wanda and Paula from Affiliate Blog Online
The Digital Point Forum
Ryankett from Hubpages
Blake Flannery from Hubpages
Paul Edmondson from Hubpages (CEO Of Hubpages)
Relache from Hubpages
Patty English from Hubpages
Rebecca E from Hubpages

They have taught me so much from linking, backlinking, titles, keywords, affiliate programs, content, and blogging.. I included the Digital Point Forum because there are some helpful people in the forum they will help you with any questions and there is so much knowledge to gain from that forum.. I use the forum each and every day. I have so much to learn still especially when I make my websites and I have some good websites coming up in the next few months, so stay tuned for that. There is much more to come about my journey to make passive income, so stay tuned and I will leave you with this tip. Keep researching and implementing ways to make an income each month and I will say from this blog it is best to have your own website with your own hosting, because I feel I could do much better with my own website.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Rich 16 Year Old New Millionaire System-Jen's Review

Hello everyone, I had to make a post about The Rich 16 Year Old and The New Millionaire System because it has been mentioned in all kind of forums and articles and it is the new wave of the internet right now..Most people have reviewed this product already describing what the product can do for you and how you can make money with Clickbank. My take on the website is that it has information that provides an opportunity to the customer. It is owned by Carol Nguyen and she provides proof of the money she made and a video showing her logging into her account and showing what she made in 30 days. Some of the information on the website in my opinion is flashy but that is what it suppose to be because the name of the website is talking about her becoming rich.

On her website, she explains that you can become "fully arm to the brim with the ultimate weapon to affiliate marketing riches". This system must be something because it is becoming the best affiliate program around with sales booming and a pitch page to convince you that it works. She also says that it is "the gold rush of the new generation". From those kind of figures, yeah I would say it is as well. If you take a look and browse the internet you will say it is a struggle to make money with affiliate programs. There are so many people struggling to make one buck from Clickbank and this system maybe the answer to all of the questions asked about "how to make money with Clickbank". Having your own internet business can free you from time and the ability to make your own money. Most people get frustrated and discontinue their efforts to make money online, but I can honestly say I am not. I am making an effort and made my first sale with Clickbank a few days ago. I will say it takes a bit of work and even though Carol Nguyen is a millionaire, I will say it depends on work and effort you put into it. Give it your best and this is my review of The-Rich-16-Year-Old-New-Millionaire-System.

Disclosure: This review is based on my own opinion and if you choose to purchase from this post, I will make a commission from it. Thank You..

Friday, August 13, 2010

My First Sale With Clickbank

Hello everyone, I wanted to let everyone know that I have been trying to implement another way of making passive income at home which is Clickbank. I have tried to make money in the past with Clickbank but I didn't continue with it because I didn't have the money to keep promoting it. I really didn't know that much about Clickbank and now I do since I am knowing more about IM(Internet Marketing). I made my first sale yesterday actually. I didn't know about it because I rarely check Clickbank because every time I log in all I see is $0.00, so this time I checked it. I was astonished at the fact that I sold something. I hope I start to make more commissions with Clickbank and I know it will be somewhat hard because there is so much competition on the internet right now. Long as I keep striving and keep working hard, I know I will start to make more money with Clickbank. Thanks for reading.. Here's the pic..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Earnings Update

Hello everyone, I wanted to update my earnings and to show you how things are going for me. They are going quite well this month with me making hubs for back to school. I am making sales with Amazon and making money with Google Adsense. I hope to continue my hopes of making passive income from home and well everything is going well for now. I still need to continue writing articles at Hubpages though and making good quality articles to reach my August goals for this month..  So far I have published 14 articles this month and I am working on at least 10 articles for The Hub Mob Challenge for Back To School. I hope that goes well, I will get to writing tonight and see can I write at least 5 articles and then tomorrow night another 5 articles.. I believe I can do it. Well, here are my earnings so far with Adsense and Amazon:

Those earnings are good right now and hope to make the payout for September...

Those are my earnings for Amazon.. What a month I having with them and I hope to increase my earnings by making more sales hubs on higher items.. I will work on those towards the end of the month.. Well that it is all I have for right now and if you haven't signed up with Hubpages, you need to do so.. You may be missing out on some earnings..

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Writing For A Living

Hello fellow readers, I wanted to make this blog post to encourage to you that you can increase your income by writing for a living if you stay consistent. I have been reading and writing for a few months and now I am understanding how to write better articles and how to get traffic to them. I made up my mind months ago that I want to make a living online by writing and it is working for me. I will say and this is from what I learned that you have to be patient and consistent to make this work. If not, you will be like the millions that have failed to make money on the internet. If so, then find ways to increase your income by writing like blogging, writing articles, and affiliate marketing. Consistently building your income is the best way to go if you want to succeed and working hard is a requirement. It will not take just a few articles or a few posts to make it online. It will take hundreds of articles and dozens of posts to get exposure across the search engines. i will say getting backlinks is not enough or even social bookmarking because content is the most important key to getting recognized. Using various methods to make good content can increase your chances to receiving passive income. There are a few ways to increase your chances by using these methods:

  • Write at least 5-7 articles weekly at Hubpages but I will have to say the articles will need to be engaging so that readers can keep coming back to your articles. 
  • Try using The Keyword Academy by signing up for a free trial for $1. The Keyword Academy teaches you how to choose your keywords and finding the best keywords that will bring you more profits. There is also a system of where you can post articles on high ranking websites to create backlinks. Creating backlinks on high ranking websites can increase your Page Rank and make your website more valuable to the search engines. They also have a forum where people like you and me can find other people that are making money at home using The Keyword Academy that can provide tips on making money. To learn how to find and use the keywords they have provided videos, keyword tools, and step by step instructions on how to make a good website. Using TKA is a great benefit, I've used it and it increased my knowledge on keywords and content. It also increased my views at Hubpages and brought me money with Adsense and Amazon. This is a plus for me and why I suggest The Keyword Academy. 
  • Make a free blog with Blogger or Wordpress and post your experiences with making money online or even your failures. People love to read encouraging situations or even your failures so they know not to make that same mistake or mistakes along the way. Update your progress on a week to week basis to get more exposure. 
  • Visit a few websites that you have an interest in and submit a few comments on there so you can get some exposure. Making yourself known will bring some rank to your blog or website. 
Recommended Products: 

The Keyword Academy- Learn Keywords- Read Review Here By KaizenSecrets On Hubpages

My Online Income System- Learn How To Make Money With Clickbank- Read Review Here By AMN


The Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System- Learn How To Make Money From A 16 Year Old- Read Review Here By IM Report Card

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Passive Income Goals For August

Goals are here again and I have a confession to make, I didn't complete my passive income goals for July. It's like I completed half of my goals by completing more hubs and making only $11.45 from Google Adsense. I did make some sales with Amazon though. I am happy for that. I didn't make any sales with the Keyword Academy but that is okay. I am trying harder this month by making some hubs targeted towards keywords and making more sales with more people signing up for The Keyword Academy. You do receive a free 30-day trial for $1 and can cancel at anytime. So, all you are spending is $1 but you have so much knowledge and money to gain from it. I tried it and was satisfied with it but I canceled because I couldn't afford but I will say this is something I will be subscribing to again next month and the month thereafter. They truly teach you what you need to learn about content and keywords.

Well enough with TKA, let's get to some goaling. Let's see what I completed from July:

  • Made 25 hubs with Hubpages 
  • Increased my views from 80 to 300 views daily( It may have been because of the back to school hubs I've been writing, but I will keep an eye on my views to see where it leaves my traffic once the back to school season is over)
  • Increased my traffic to Amazon and starting to make sales
  • Increased my backlinks to this blog by commenting on forums, joining high rank websites leaving my blog in the signature, commenting on websites within my niche
  • Made more friends with Hubpages and blogging
  • Reached 5,000 views on Hubpages
  • I learned how to social bookmark within seconds using IM Automator
These are some great accomplishments and progress I made towards making passive income and I hope from all the backlinking I've been doing that my PR rank at least goes to a PR1, because I've worked really really hard to get more visitors to my blog.

The goals for August will be work for me as usual but I plan to do it and stay on task this month. There are some new ones that I hope to accomplish as well and it goes as follows:

  • Publish at least 50 hubs that are targeted for high performing niches and within those 50 make some sales hubs targeted for Amazon purchases. 
  • Make at least 10 articles targeted at The Keyword Academy to make sales
  • Keep writing posts on this blog and continue to get backlinks
  • Make at least $40 with Google Adsense
  • Make at least $20 on Amazon
  • Write some articles at Ezine Articles for backlinks
I hope to achieve my goals for August and I believe I will. I am getting better with backlinking and keywords, so this is a plus for me but I am still trying to figure ways to get traffic. That is also something I need to work towards this month, or it may increase this month with the backlinks. I just think I need to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't increase I do believe I will purchase a product online to increase it. Stay tuned for more to come.. Thanks for reading..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

July Earnings Report

Hello everyone, it is time to update my earnings and to let you know what happened for the month of July. Let me see I have learned some great things about keywords, titles, and getting traffic to my hubs. I have completed some research and sadly discontinued  my subscription with The Keyword Academy. I had to though because I didn't have enough money to pay for the course each month but they have went down in price as it explained in this post by Tiffany from Passive Income Goals . It is now $33 a month. I have also learned about making good content to get great ads from Google Adsense. I wrote about this lesson in my article "How To Earn A Passive Income With Google Adsense". I have also learned that it will take time for this blog to grow to get visitors and to start making more revenue with Google. This blog will have to get indexed and recognized by the search engines and for my posts to get attention from good keywords. I have been trying to target at least 2 keywords within my posts and this whole blog. So far I am not in the search engines for them yet, but the more posts I write the more density this blog receives with those keywords. In the meantime, I will be writing more articles on Hubpages with targeting profitable keywords. The better the keywords, the more  money I receive and the better chance I get into making a passive income. Well here are my numbers for July with Google Adsense and Hubpages:

I made a total $11.45 with Google Adsense in July
Increase of  $8.97 from June

I made $3.33 from Amazon
Increase $3.33 from June(Didn't make anything last month, boohoo)

I made 25 hubs in July with Hubpages
Increase of 25 hubs from June
Total of 61 hubs

I even have a great hubscore and some great accolades(accomplishments) with Hubpages

I waited to the very end of what I did on The Keyword Academy because there was nothing to tell. I didn't make any sales from it but I am getting an increase in clicks so hopefully some sales this month. I will keep my fingers crossed. Great to have made some accomplishments. It wasn't what I wanted but at least I am making some progress with both companies. I want to continue to try to make some earnings with both and see where it takes me. I know the earnings for last month wasn't a whole lot but it was something. There are people making thousands but they started out just like I did and hey I probably made more than them in their first month. LOL..

So in all I made a total of $14.78 with both affiliate programs and on my way to trying to make a passive income. If I can do it, you can.. Continue to check out my journey on this blog about making a passive income online from home.

Check out my hubs for some info on various topics on passive income.

I'll be back for more posting

Jennifer(Author)  Make Passive Income Writing Online Blog